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We want to say thanks to all of you who came to see the film during the week at Anthology Film Archives in New York, and you were many. Several of the nights were totally sold out. Filmmaker and producer Kasper Collin stayed in New York for the entire premiere run and besides the announced Q&A at the premiere evening Nov 8 he did unannounced sessions with the audience during the week. Kasper also followed the film to Athens, Georgia for showings at the fine new arthouse cinema Ciné and to Albert’s native town Cleveland, Ohio for screenings at their legendary Cinematheque. Thanks all of you who came to the screenings and who stayed for Q&As. Special thanks to Albert’s father Edward Ayler with company that attended the premiere screening in Cleveland and bass player Bill Folwell who flew in from Florida for the premiere in New York. And to all of you who emails us and asks when the film is coming back to New York we can say that the film hopefully will return to a theatre on Manhattan early next year. More news on this shortly. 

Link to an interview with Kasper Collin at WCPN radio made by Bobby Jackson. 

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